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Susan Reishus started fashion designing when a child, learned to sew and create her own original designs and custom work for clients by the age of 11.  Though she has a formal education in fashion design, she found that lacking, and continued her haute couture designs and custom work and tailoring.

Her background included her own work with color and image and some modeling, and then training by Color Me Beautiful and as a consultant with that organization for a few years.  Because of misdiagnoses made within the color and image industry, she created a foolproof system called the Pharaoh's Collar, and developed incomparable color packets with stellar customer service.  She offered other support products and trained and supplied color and image consultants in 13 countries.  She was often referred to as having the most accurate color eye in the industry. 

In addition she trained consultants in body proportions, personality type and flattering lines in dressing, and included wardrobing, accessorizing (50 ways to tie scarves), packing (50 outfits in a briefcase), makeup, business etiquette, and all related.  She was frequently solicited for lectures because of her warm, enthusiastic and engaging presentation style.

She was taught to knit at age 7, but went into it full force around age 21 and has been knitting since.  She does multitudinous forms of needlework, but knitting and hardanger typically win out.  Restrictions within the textile industry and personal health challenges made her focus more on her knitting and her improved health has enabled her to more recently begin drafting her many knitting designs.  They will range from baby to adult and updated classics to fashion forward inspiration and accessories, and there will be many lace designs.

Susan is excited to be able to present a bevy of uplifting and inspiring patterns that are not only esthetically pleasing and flattering to fit and wear, but also include pieces that were designed with profound meaning such as in her lace items.  She is thrilled to offer her elegant flagship "Swan Lake & Lily Stole" as her first published knitting pattern on this site, with many more to follow.

Her blog is at Susan In Stitches  where she offers tips that are helpful for knitters.  She is also known as "elationrelation" on many knit lists that she likes to offer support and help on.  Her name was chosen as if we are in "relation" to each other and help when we can, that is the quickest way to "elation."

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